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On each course Andebølle Youth High School receives about 10-15 international students.

Many international students come from countries where it can be difficult to finance a college residence in Denmark. School gives priority to give the pupils who would otherwise not be possible for a high school stay in Denmark.

This happens among other things by giving scholarships to individual students. The international students participate on equal terms with Danish students. They have individual subjects such as English and "general knowledge" of Danish and international society, but is otherwise in education on an equal terms with Danish students.

The purpose of CIRIUS project is to forge closer ties between the Danes and young people from the new EU member states to prepare them for their EU membership. Schools have extended their international perspective, and students get to college because of the shape of a holistic understanding of Danish and Western European society.


If you are interested in a course on Andebølle Youth High School you can contact the school and let hear more about your opportunities. It is the school who can send an application to Cirius.


The scheme has been extended to 2012, and rural constituency is in this context extended with Romania and Bulgaria. It is awarded for courses of at least 12 weeks. The scheme involves the requirement of minimum own contributions in the Law on free boarding schools are not applicable for this group of pupils.












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