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- Rhythmical
- Art & Design
- Theatre
- Film & media





Professional competence, empowerment requires openness, active participation and critical views of the students. At the end of the stay each pupil will receive a school diploma, which shows which courses the student has participated in.

The student choose one main course, as he/she must follow throughout the stay. Onmain courses, students will have the opportunity to intensively cultivate an interest or to test a creative talent.

The student will be strong in discipline-specific concepts and theories as well as gain experience in applying this knowledge in a creative building process. They learned skills must be used in practice when the school goes on tour with music, theater, exhibitions and lectures.

All students receive training in philosophy and democracy, where different aspects of the common life will be lit. From the big question: "What is to be human?", "Wich different views on life are there?" To the very specific: "How to take a decision, in a community?" And "how to establish a union?"


There are at least 21.5 hours of mandatory training per week and often offered extra training, which is voluntary, if you will participate in.


There are no exams, but in turn teaching is focused on developing and strengthening students' skills.


The school offers no ordinary school, but at least 10 interested parties can create such.




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