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Andebølle Youth High School is a young institution, both historically and in content. The school was started in 1970 by four young teachers who closely had lived through the youth uprising of 1968, probably the closest thing came to a revolution in education, since Grundtvig and other legendary figures started college movement.


Since Andebølle Youth High School began as an alternative learning space for young people the purpose was to start giving young people a breathing space to mature and make the right educational choices. Of course important issues in time for topics in education were discoussed. Topics such as the danger of nuclear war, class struggle and socialism as an alternative to achieve social justice, which naturally led on to topics such as ecology, recycling, sustainability, our common future, racism and integration.




Andebølle Youth College architecture consists both idyllic old farm buildings, newer functional room buildings and a modern lecture hall.

There have been buildings on the place for hundreds of years. School was founded in 1970, but until then the buildings have been used for both agriculture and poverty and old age asylum.


The school has primarily well-equipped teaching and special subject rooms with all the materials and equipment you might want in the classroom.

There is an atmospheric theater, a beautiful hall decorated by art and design of the students, a studio for recording CDs, rehearsal rooms, media studio, computer lab, creative workshops and fitness.


School's cozy dining room is the place for all meals. In addition there is kiosk, student banking, garden room with billiards, games, cafe. For free use, the school also has streetbasket track and a great trampoline.

There are seven living buildings available at the school, which all have common room and kitchenette. You live in the twin rooms, where there is network connectivity. However, there are also single rooms for a fee. Every living area has its own bath and toilet facilities and kitchenette.




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