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The life at Andebølle Youth College is characterized by a multicultural environment with students from around the world.

Many friendship are linked across national borders, and we extend our knowledge of other cultures in an exciting and dynamic atmosphere.

The day begins with morning session with singing and presentations on various topics, until we ourselves are making in the selected line and elective.

Here we learn not to pass an exam, but we learn through the joy of learning. It is the desire spiced with mutual respect, which operates the work, and here there is time and space for engagement and presence.

In the evening you can, in addition to the standard offers, light fires and sing or just relax in the glow og the flames, watch movies on the big screen, make pottery, draw or play in bands, etc.

Being on a college is to be part of a community. Therefore, we also share responsibility for activities such as cleaning and catering during the day. College life offers personal and professional challenges, but also time for reflection on who you are and what you will with himself and his life.








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