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Interviews to some of the old students, where they talk about their experiences in the school and their lives after Andebølle.



Marta, from Latvia


"What I remember the most... Probably all the great moments with all the great people I met."


Patrick, from Denmark


"I loved living there. It really felt like home, and I miss it more than anything else!"



Belinda, from Denmark


"Now I’m more ´grown up` and I’m also more open to talk about my feelings."


Daniel, from Denmark


"I miss pretty much everything about Andebølle: the feeling and the fun between students and teachers."



Michal, from Czech Republic


"Being in the school among other young people was incredible: I had a great feeling about it."


Sarka, from Czech Republic


"I felt like home in the school, maybe even better than home.".



Camila, from Denmark


"I can't choose just one thing, since I liked most of the moments at Andebølle."


Bence, from Hungary


"I decided to stay for another semester, after the first one, because I enjoyed it so much."



Michael, from Denmark


"I went there to become more mature and more social and I think I did it well."


Gatis, from Latvia


"I think it was important because I got to know some things about different cultures and I got the chance to be my own boss."



Noemi, from Hungary


"At the end of the semester we looked at the others as fellow ´Andebøllers´, our big family!"






Roohullah, ex-student become movie director


"When I was in Andebølle I decided to apply for a competition. All the teachers helped me and I finally got the money to shoot my first movie."


Theresa, ex volunteer from Germany


"As a volunteer, I was always helping the office and taking pictures to the students. There I realized I wanted to be a photgrapher and now I got an Internship in a Photo Studio in Germany."





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