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We believe in the individual's intrinsic value and ability and willingness to take responsibility for his own life and others throughout the community


The key word in Andebølle Youth College is Community. Interaction between the individual and the community is seen as prerequisite for personal development and growth.


Value Basis through controlling organization of the teaching and content the educational work and daily life at school.


We believe in the community as the human civilized life development base and a constant challenge to the individual, but still respect the individual rights and originality.


We believe that the individual develops through mutual respect, demands and expectations within a community.


Andebølle Youth High School exists because we believe that it can be a place for such a personal and professional community for young people - and for a time helping to create the basis for the individual's continued development into a creative, active, critical, responsible and loving man.


Andebølle Youth College evaluate themselves based on value basis.


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