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  High School




The purpose of the guidance on Andebølle Youth College is, in addition to fulfilling the ministerial requirements, to clarify the student's competencies and development potential.

School environment is perfect!

  1. Work in our daily life with narrative information and guidance.
  2. Boarding school environment enables staff to experience students in social
        contexts throughout the day.
  3. The student will be able to test, develop and challenge the social skills
        of community.
  4. The student has an attentive adult contact and opportunity for listening
         and attentive companions throughout the day.
  5. Environment conducive to the formation of identity and integrity.

vejleder på Andebølle Ungdomshøjskole

At school the emphasis is on career guidance in particular through the use of But especially the emphasis is on clarification of competencies and development.


Besides guiding conversations in everyday life is a guidance structure
containing common guidance and individual guidance.

Common guideline is amended in the first week, students staying in school.
Usually followed by a student manual postage foil / course of action from previous educational institutions. If not done in a collaboration with the supervisor. This followed up, and modified in cooperation with the supervisor.

All students called for a personal interview with the supervisor, in the beginning and end of the course. In this interview evaluated and clarified new acquired skills and opportunities.

Over the course has the student or supervisor the opportunity to meet. Especially around deadlines and filling in application forms, there is much activity ..

Success Criteria

That the student takes it for him / her relevant training.
The student will have the relevant skills and abilities to start this.
The student will have the motivation and commitment, like!
The student reflects.

Sincerely, high school teacher and mentor
Birger Larsen




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