På Andebølle Ungdomshøjskole har vi en del arrangementer. Her på siden opdaterer vi løbende om hvad der sker på højskolen.

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- Trip to Czech Program
- A day to the beach: Fyns Hoved
- Art and Design: masks
- Music class live concert
- Hungarian day @ Andebølle
- Fastelavn @ Andebølle
- Art&Design daily activities
- Czech day @ Andebølle
- Latvian day @ Andebølle

- Turkish day @ Andebølle

- Bodypainting @ Andebølle
- Kitchen duty
- Snow Sculpture @ Andebølle

- Interview with Roohullah Hasani

- Environment week @ Andebølle
- Interview with Theresa Steinke
- Free Hugs in Odense
- Students´live concert
- Making masks in Art Class

- Andebølle @ Samba i Assens




Lucia´s articles and interviews



Interviews with the old students

Here you can read the Interviews with some of the old students, where they talk about their experience in the school and about their lives afer Andebølle.




Trip to Czech 2011

The students will travel to Czech Republic this semester. Here is the program of the school trip.




A day to the beach: Fyns Hoved

The school visited Fyns Hoved (Funen’s Head), a beautiful nature area in the northernmost point of the Hindsholm peninsula.

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Art and Design: Masks


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Music class live concert @ Andebølle Youth College

Andebølle music class entertained the other students with a Live Concert.

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Intercultural Evening: Hungarian day at Andebølle

This week, on the independence day of Hungary (March, 15), the school hosted Hungarian Intercultural.

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Fastelavn @ Andebølle

Andebølle students celebrated Carnival the danish way.

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Art&Design daily activities

Painting, drawing, making masks, modeling clay, bodypainting in Art&Design..

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Intercultural Evening: Czech day at Andebølle

Intercultural Evenings continue to be organized at Andebølle Youth College: this week was Czech students´turn.

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Intercultural Evening: Latvian day at Andebølle

A new Intercultural Evening was organized at Andebølle Youth College: Latvian Day.

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Intercultural Evening: Turkish day at Andebølle

The new series of Intercultural Evenings at Andebølle Youth College started last week with Turkish Day.

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Bodypainting @ Andebølle Folk Highschool

The first week of February at Andebølle Folk Highschool was dedicated to a new art project: Bodypainting. Read more


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Kitchen duty poem

At Andebølle each student must help in the kitchen. One of the students, Noemi, even wrote a poem about Kitchen duty. Read more

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Snow Sculpture @ Andebølle Folk Highschool

Two art students have found a creative way to use the snow.

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Andebølle in "Twister - The Musical"


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Interview with Theresa Steinke

Ex volunteer at Andebølle Folk Highschool, Theresa discover a great passion for photography during her 12 months in the school. Now she wants to become a photographer.

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Environment week at Andebølle Folk Highschool

The school dedicated an entire week to ecology and environment with trips, group works and experiments, projects and movies.

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Interview with Roohullah Hasani

Born in Afghanistan but grown up in Denmark, Roohullah studied at Andebølle Folk Highschool for one semester before becoming a movie director. "Everything started when I was still a student at Andebølle!"

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Andebølle "Free Hugs Campaign 2010"

5 years ago the school joined the Free Hugs Movement and, since then, every year the students have tried to "spread love" in the streets of Denmark offering "Gratis Kram" to strangers.

Read the article and watch the pictures


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Trip to Latvia (activities)

During the school trip to Latvia, after visiting the best cities and places of the Country, the students had the opportunity to try bow-shooting, crossbow-shooting and climbing.


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Students´ live Concert @ Andebølle

Before their departure for the trip to Latvia, music students gave a concert in the Lecture Hall for the whole school.

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Art Class: making masks

The students have learned in class how to make and decorate masks, before showing them at an exhibition hosted by the school at the end of the semester.

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Andebølle students @ Samba i Assens

On August 2010 the school joined Assens´ annual samba parade: the students played, danced and warmed up the cold streets of Denmark.

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Who am I?


I am Lucia, I come from Italy and I am 26 years old. At the moment I am one of the volunteers that are working at Andebolle Folk Highschool.


I arrived in Andebolle the 3rd of August of 2010, to volunteer at the school thanks to EVS Project.


EVS (European  Voluntary Service) is part of European Commission "Youth in Action" Programme and was created to promote active citizenship and mobility among young Europeans.


My Project will last 10 months, a period in which I will work in Andebolle Folk Highschool, helping in different projects and activities.


In this page you can read my articles and interviews and you can see all my pictures.


I am also running and updating Andebolle Flickr gallery.




- READ HERE the Interviews with some of the old students

- Interview with an ex student, Roohullah Hasani


- Interview med tidligere elev Roohullah (Danish)


- Interview with an ex-volunteer, Theresa Steinke

- Sneskulpturer på Andebølle Ungdomshøjskole



- Free Hugs i Odense (Danish)


- TV2: Gratis Kram (Video)





Nyheder fra Andebølle Ungdoms Højskole. Læs her på siden om skolens arrangementer.